Black Nyt Friesians

Welcome to Black Nyt Friesians.   Located in Colorado City, Colorado.

For months, we had been looking for a Friesian filly and we found 17 month old Nicole.   Late October 2005, Nicole arrived from Riverside, California.   Since the moment she stepped off the horse trailer, our outlook on horses changed drastically.   Nicole's disposition is just unbelievable.  Nothing seems to upset her or spook her.

Apr 7, 2008 - Zipporah Van Bliss arrived after a romp from New York to Bennett.

Jul 6, 2008 - Wietske arrived from Texas.

Thanks to Ronnie Knott of, who rescued Zipp from another hauler (who we would not recommend), she arrived after nine days.   If you want your horse transported without being on a romp of over 1,500 miles, and in very good hands, contact Ronnie.  Ronnie also transported Wietske.   He is great.

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